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How to make your kids feel loved

Malam2 xleh tdo, ada plk peluang mngadap laptop after awhile mmg dh bersawang laptop..apa2hal pki henpon je. then, ada tbaca satu article nie..sbnrnya tgn yg mencari..sbb suka baca benda2 mcm nie..duk pk mcamanalah nk jd good parent for my children. Eager to learn abt good parenting technique. Sbnrnya, i feel that it's good for every parents always make research and ask ppl abt how to become one, and once learned then it's important to maintain the attitude without return back to old u. hmm..well, it's easy to say but as for me sgtlah ssh nk maintainkannya. hee..and then u have to learn how to accept and dealing with the challenges of parenting world. yg penting, slalu fikirkan cara dealt with yourself rather than blaming ur child's attitude.
Wake your child up each morning with a hug, kiss and an "I love you!" Even if the day goes downhill from there with the usual arguments, behavior corrections, tantrums, your child will know that no matter what happens, he is loved. How does he know? Because you told him so!
Be a good listener and ask lots of questions about your child's day, feelings, wants and needs. Be willing to converse on topics of interest to the child, such as Pokemon, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bakugan or Yo Gabba Gabba. Knowing that you value her opinions and that you are interested in what she likes can make your child feel worthy of attention, appreciated and loved.
Include your child in your activities. Even a toddler can "help" you make dinner by placing chopped vegetables in a bowel or shaking a little salt and pepper on a dish. Older kids can set the table, shovel the sidewalk, bring in the mail or empty the trash. Giving your child responsibilities, no matter how small, lets him know you value his contribution and trust him to do things properly.
Give lots of hugs and pats on the back. Tossel your child's hair. Hold his hand or cuddle up inside a big blanket with her when you sit beside her on the sofa. Physical affection is one of the best ways to convey your love and a sense of belonging and safety to your child. Whenever possible, include your child in your personal space, draping an arm over their shoulder, snuggling in a big easy chair while you read stories, giving a random kiss on the cheek or forehead whenever the thought crosses your mind. Don't wait for a special reason to be affectionate with your child. Make it automatic.
Read to your child every night, no matter how old he is or how well he can read. A nightly reading ritual provides a sense of security and love. It also creates positive associations between the act of reading and the comfort of home and family, which can inspire a lifelong love of literature. Whether it's a board book or 15 minutes of a chapter book each evening, remain consistent in the ritual and your child will drift off to sleep each night knowing he is loved.
By Tammy Quinn Mckillip, eHow Contributor

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