Sunday, 2 January 2011

happy new year..happy new me?

what i have achieved??

well..i haven't really achieve much last year to be honest. everything just went by nature..i reckon..such as, had a baby and be a mother, still a wife, yet a student, achieved a degree..and continuously accumulated the number and wax bulu betis all over again. well, there's ..nothing much exceptional really.

there i was..then,what am i still chasing here and there?well again..i just wish this happiness or the happiness that i kind of hope for stay and always with me,my family and my friends..also, hope to be someone ..

1) like huby said..put Allah my first in everything.. pray on time..never lose track..always my resolution, still never found a way to resolve it..always left and forgot.. I'm so rusty and oblivious. target,never better. ya Allah, ampunkan hambaMu ini..dan bimbinglah aku, suami aku, keluarga aku ke jalan Mu ya Allah..
2) be a GOOD : sLave, wIfe, mOther, dAugher, sIster, fRiend, nEighbour, sTudent, civilian.

3) always want to spend more time with family and friends...and make the most of it.

4) get out of debt!

5) get a somebody.. between ppl surround me, at least.

6) how to be a likable person?

6-ish should be more than enough, i think..go!go! me.

ya Allah, never stop us from getting what a human like us always ask and ever wanted...and please don't quit giving us Your love and mercy. Amin.. 2011..i'm hoping the best from you! InsyaAllah

Saturday, 1 January 2011


aku plg xleh blah ngan org ego..xnk kalah..suka pandang rendah org lain,xsuka dgr pendapat org..padahal diri sdiri bukannye hebat mane pon..bweeek! aku btl2 menyampah lah org camtu..
kalo dpt dia yg bckp..ewahh..xnk brenti..mcm dunia ini ana yg punya! lg satu..dah la ciri2 diatas dh lengkap, perfect handredpersen ten out of ten pastu kalo xkena sket tang dia mula la nk mengeluh tiap seminit twenty4seven!apokonoekaujang???haaaih..eiii toooolong sket ekk..hey, miss i'm always right, aku menyampaaaaah ngan kau tau x????