Friday, 26 December 2008

blog?not so sure..

it's actually just a coincidence for me..visiting my 'complicated' fren's blog...make's me think.. 'perlu ke, blog ni?' maybe, he created a blog for promotion purpose..seems that he is now developing his new 'personal business'.. but for me..perlu ke? for wat purpose? ape aku nk tulis dlm blog ni nnt? plus! I am totally awful when it comes to writing. no matter what kind of 'writing' it is..i'll mess it up. hurmm..

However.. when I think it carefully..mungkin jgk, men2 blog ni..can help me improve my unskillful writing ability.boleh ke? duh~ i don't know. Sblm nie..aku, lebih suka tulis ape2 expression or lebih senang kalo aku ckp..meluahkan perasaan..dlm diary. I've been practicing writing in my diary since I was in high school. x ingt pulak umur berapa time tu..maybe at my age of 14.(betul ke grammar aku?) well.. thinking about blog..again..remind's me of diary. Perlu ke aku tulis blog utk menggantikan, diary? oh.sungguh nonsense!

hurm..again, sebut pasal diary..resemble me of one thing..long long time ago, i wrote everything, everyday in the diary..(tp buku nota skolah..xgaya cam diary pon)..dan, nk dijadikan day of my carelessly(xingt umo brapa..maybe 16kot), my mom found my diary (gaya note book) inside my drawer and she read every single word in it. dan, segala kisah pun terbongkarlah dengan x sengaja..(xsengaja ke?)..hurm..the best part is..those things were, almost the bad side of mine. Things that my mom's never knew her daughter was that 'bad'.. Owh..cemane aku tau? heh..cuz one day after that mom want to reveal all the things I've wrote..she want's to know the truth..then, it was the most memorable thing to me, when my mom asked me to bring her to some place..peaceful place with not many people around.,kata mak..I wondered, where it is..what kind of place it will, we went to,'s pantai cinta berahi (lustful love beach), at that time before it has changed to pantai cahaya bulan (moon light beach)..due to some misunderstading of the name itself. heh~ ohw..sorry, i was slipped. Masa tu..we took our time to have had a seafood lunch with beautiful breezy beach scenary..
that's the end of my story..
mls la nk sambung lagi..penat la taip nih.xsuka!xsuka!
tgk..nk abiskan this post pun sungguh menyeksakan. Hurm..tengok la cemana long as I really don't know why am I creating this long as I still can't figure out the answer..maybe I'll keep it shut and in stand by mode. hehe.mane le tau..mungkin, someday..this kind of thing, is useful? who knows..
but still..i'm thinking, what am i doing here? Am i doing the right thing?
while i'm creating this blog..i'm totally not sure about this..