Sunday, 27 September 2009

Amsterdam the Sin where we celebrating Eid! =D

Before raya, me and my huby visited the sin city, amsterdam..not really well planned actually it's just a last minute plan la lebih's quite kelam kabut jgk lah..but we finally able to start and ended the journey safely.alhamdulillah..
These photo's resemble our journey in amsterdam..

i don't know why ppl call amsterdam sins city but as my mind might've thought it supposed to be of prostitute and drug free country.hurm? ^.*

Basically, saje je nk jumpe subri's uncle..we call him Tawan.quite a funny name to me at first but then have to admit..they're cambodian..the name literally stand for paklong or pakngah..not so sure which one indeed. Those was my 2nd time met Tawan.first in malaysia and 2nd in his own place. He's been living there for almost 20 years..quite long enough for him to live there alone..but he really likes to stay and plan of staying the whole life..i really admire his willingness of fighting living alone in a far away place from family..kalu aku,kompem xsanggup.ank mak la katakan.. =D

Tawan & Me

oPs,before i'm going far..would also like to introduce amsterdam first is a capital city of Netherland/Holland.How to define amsterdam? some it's canals, carillons ringing out from church steeples and the variety of the Dutch gable. It's also known with big windmill, variety of colors and sizes of clogs, bicycles everywhere even bicycle's parking area are provided everywhere and cyclist way is quite wide too.weird..Still, the price of one bicycle can reach thousands of Euros. To others it's synonymous with tolerance- of eccentricity and of experimentation ...ehem2.of red light districts and smoking cafe's.. those two is related to the first introduction i've mentioned earlier..seronokkan to those men out there who addicted to women and drugs. =P

Jalan2 in amsterdam doesn't feel much tiring because of the beautiful architecture of the building and pack of ppl(seems it's a very2 busy city to live..fuh~) mid morning, and half to go fasting, we took a break in Huidenstaat at Pompadour a chocolatier, tiny teashop and dropped by at plenty of souvenir shop(while tangan gatal2 nk beli mcm2..magnet fridge for sure!.After wandering around for while we made our way up to the pedestrianized Dam Square at the centre of Amsterdam, ..the ceremonial and political heart of the city dominated by the Royal Palace. The square is always crowded and full of street entertainers.. sempat lagi bergambar!tingin jgk to go to Dungeon but then time wasn't the end we were just commuted by tram(electric bus so like a mini train) to a place written 'I amsterdam'. dun know where exactly it was..then click3.

Eid Mubarak! kami bertiga buat sate je..nothing much special..and rendang..and nasi himpit xjadi(nasi sudah menjadi bubur).those where the days..Raya di perantauan. salam perantauan xkluar2 pn kat berita harian..waaa..nk masuk paper jugak!
Erm, di kesempatan ini..i would like to wish every Muslims all around the world(mcm la smua org baca blog aku nie kn.) Have a Blast and Fabulous Eidul Fitri..Maaf Zahir dan Batin.. especially buat suami tersayang, mak dan ayh di kampong, sahabat2 di Malaysia, sahabat2 seperjuangan di Surrey and those who is now reading my blog..Selamat Hari Raya!

6 things that we've missed .. visiting place with canal, windmill, tulips in spring, skinny bridge, ajax amsterdam stadium and red light district (ooPs..boleh ke?amek gambar saje boleh kan..)..aik..bile relist,mcm smua tmpt berwajib xjejak je..haish.will be back for sure! InsyaAllah.. =D I really2 like Amsterdam..We Love Amsterdam!